About Us


While building Sparkle Entertainment & Design, we aimed to make the show industry in line with today's innovations and facilities in the digitalizing world. Today, we have created Sparkle Entertainment and Design by gathering performances and stage shows that have been passed through a variety of performances in a single portal.

In this way, in order to catch up with today's speed, we have created a platform that easily responds to every need, offers many alternative, individually categorized shows from a single centre, enables price quotation and helps to save both money and time.


To be leading and on top show portal which includes shows that will appeal to every organization and tastes, which every community that takes part or wants to take part in the show industry would want to be included itself within the competency standard.


To become a show portal that young and old alike would prefer in Turkey’s entertainment sector with its quality, reliability, creative and innovative range of products.



We are a portal that continues to remain young by keeping the dynamism, including the new ones to our shows that pass through our "Marche" approval filter every day.


We create creative and original works by combining all the shows compiled with our design-oriented infrastructure with the concept of your event and organizations.


We serve you with our Integrity Policy that reflects our customer-oriented view that preventing you from the additional costs which can be shown up after our first budgeting agreement.


We ensure that the shows which are chosen for you organization, will be taken place on time with the correct equipment and in agreed order.

We also believe that we fulfill our obligations about social responsibility of our sector by discovering and supporting the young talents who make us believe themselves and want to exhibit their skills.


We claim that quality is never a coincidence with every show that carries the traces of our creative identity in order to make everything complete and perfect in your organizations.