Sparkle Entertainment and Design

* Sparkle Entertainment & Design is an innovation company established by the Marche Event Management team to bring a new perspective to the entertainment industry.

Today we have gathered various performances and stage shows in a single portal. In order to catch up with today's speed, we have created a platform that easily responds to every need, offers many alternative, individually categorized shows from a single centre, enables price quotation and helps to save both money and time.

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Of course, by calling the phone number mentioned in our contact section, you can set up a meeting with our team, you can talk to any subject you want to consult face-to-face.

We determine the duration of each show on the stage in terms of the needs of the show, the effort spent and the maximum efficiency in the time used. When you want to change the duration of the show you choose, let us know so we can talk to our artists as a team and decide if the duration of the show can be flexible or not.

The title “Design” in Sparkle Entertainment & Design exist for this very need of yours. Together with the our creative team and Marche Event Management, which creates a new direction for the organization sector with its architecture-based infrastructure, you can connect the shows you want and get more long-lasting and magnificent stage shows.

The show you buy can be tailored to your organization with our creative and technical team. Also, according to the suitability of the show, ‘technological’ additions can be made. Costumes, accessories and choreography changes to be made in the show are also budgeted. You can find answers to your questions by contacting us for your special requests.

While each show has its own costume, there can be several alternatives that some shows will offer you. If you want a completely new costume that suits your concept; this situation is evaluated by looking at the suitability of the show and the artist's performance for different costumes. With the suitablity that we have mention, new costume can be added to the show by budgeting separately.

Every show doesn't need a rehearsal, therefore this situation varies according to the show you will get. These and other technical details are presented to you with the approval of the show. The technical need for the show is not included in the budget.


Contact us:

Phone: +90 212 217 67 10

Address: Fulya Mah. Vefa Deresi Sk. Gayrettepe İş Merkezi C/Blok Kat:7 D:9 Şişli/İstanbul


In order to ensure that the shows you receive will be eligible for the business calendar, no reservation is made until the show advance is paid. Contacting us 10 days in advance, if the calendar of show team is available, will be appropriate.

Additional information:  For some of our shows, there is no rehearsal and technical need, so you can get the show even if it is requested one day before the event. You can find out about this and similar situations that may differ for each show by calling us or sending us an e-mail.

If you want to change the pre-determined place on the day of the show, firstly, it is confirmed whether the technical infrastructure of the new space is suitable for the show you received. If there is no technical problem, additional budget is applied for artists depending on the difference in distance. If all of these processes take place correctly , you can use the show you have received in your new organization location.

In order to change the time of the show, the suitability of the show team for the date must be  checked. If the show is eligible for the day you assign, you can perform the show on the date you assign.

The following provisions shall be applied in the cancellations of the show except for the force majeure.

50% of the show cost on shows cancelled 4 or 8 weeks prior to the organization,

75% of the show cost on shows cancelled 2-4 weeks before the event,

All of the show costs on shows cancelled 0-2 weeks before the event will be charged.

On our site, the price range policy for current shows is implemented. You can enter the appropriate intervals for your budget and learn the appropriate shows. If you want to know the price of a show, you can get a price by contacting us with the "Offer Cart" section.

Bank account information:

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You can get information by contacting us, as the show needs can vary according to the rehearsal and show time. (Generally, in the backstage; tea, coffee  and a meal are requested.) This and similar technical needs of the show you want will be presented to you along with the show approval.


In order for your show to take place on our site, you must fill out the online form named "Join Us" in the "Performance Artists" tab on our site. The form you send is evaluated by our team and when the conditions are provided, your show can take place on our site for free of charge.

You should fill in the online form "Join Us" in "Performance Artists" tab on our site. In the form, you must specify the centre city of your show. Our customers can ask for your show in whatever city your show is in. When you need to take part in the organizations that will take place in a province different from your centre, our customers will meet all the necessary needs.


Our call centre is open between 09.00 am and 6.00 pm on weekdays (Monday-Friday). Alternatively, you can send us an e-mail. The e-mails you send to our e-mail address () will be answered as soon as possible.

The best way to report your opinions, suggestions and complaints is by sending an email to . In this way, by keeping your opinions and complaints in our system, you can make us provide the best service for you and support us plotting our future route.

The list of highlights on the main page of our website, changes periodically by analysing the most valuable shows via click. In addition, concepts that come to the forefront periodically will be included in this section.